by Jordan Schachtel |

Gates Inc has assumed complete regulatory capture over American “public health” institutions.

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Bill Gates is taking a short break from his efforts to depopulate the planet to join the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Thursday as their “special guest.”

Both Gates and Anthony Fauci will participate in the annual meeting convened by the Advisory Committee to the Director (ACD) of the National Institutes of Health.

The ACD is comprised mostly of academics who act as stooges for a variety of interests. Committee members vote on resource allocation and NIH regulation and policy, and can help facilitate government funding for several endeavors.

According to an agenda obtained by The Dossier, Gates will speak about “Perspectives on the Current Cooperation with NIH and Priorities for the Future.” In short, Gates will provide a roadmap for what he wants them to focus on, and he will tie future funding to his personal priorities.

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