by Zero Hedge

Another day, another TWITTER FILES drop exposing the incestuous relationship between big tech and government.

Today’s edition, dropped by journalist David Zweig, focuses on ‘how Twitter rigged the Covid debate‘ by taking direction from both the Trump and Biden administrations (while at the same time trying to censor the former president). What’s somewhat notable is how aggressive government (and ex-government) officials were in trying to stifle free speech, while Twitter’s non-government-linked employees would often push back (and then totally fold) – a theme we’ve observed in previous drops. In one such instance, former head of Twitter’s Trust & Safety team Yoel Roth tells former FBI lawyer and then-Twitter Deputy General Counsel Jim Baker to calm his tits over a Trump tweet.

Of course, in the end the government typically got its way, as you will read below.

Zweig, who was granted access to internal files while on assignment for The Free Pressnotes that “both the Trump and Biden administrations directly pressed Twitter executives to moderate the platform’s pandemic content according to their wishes.
What’s more, the censorship effort extended to Google, Facebook, Microsoft and others.

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