by Adan Salazar

Comparatively, unvaccinated virtually achieved zero Covid, data from New South Wales Ministry of Health shows.

‘Why are those with more vaxes catching Covid at higher rates? ADE? Damaged immune system? Very concerning, and no one seems to care!’ notes data analyst.

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People who received between one and four Covid jabs make up a majority of Covid infections, while rates among the unvaccinated remained relatively low, data out of New South Wales, Australia, shows.

The disparity can be observed in a chart created by a Twitter data analyst overlaying Covid infection rates and vaccination rates using information disseminated over the past few months by the New South Wales Ministry of Health.

The graph clearly shows Covid infections were higher in people who received at least one Covid jab, while those who received no jab doses remained relatively unaffected.

Twitter user and Sydney resident @LCHF_Matt, the data analyst who last month created the graph, noted “data by age/vax status combined” would provide a clearer picture of the situation, but theorized NSW Health purposely withholds that information “to prevent proper analysis of the data.”

“Every good analyst knows you must have age stratified data to see what is happening. NSWH knows this, too. By not sharing this data, it prevents proper citizen analysis to demonstrate effectiveness,” the analyst tweeted last month.

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