Poach these memes cracking yolks about scarcity and high egg prices.

Scramble to Stock Up On These Egg Shortage Memes Mocking Globalist Food ...

Consumers are noticing a sharp increase in egg prices at supermarkets as the staple breakfast item becomes the latest victim of the WEF-driven supply chain crisis.

The dilemma is being blamed on a bird flu epidemic affecting egg-laying hens at commercial production facilities.
“The USDA confirmed the first commercial case in the US last February in a turkey flock in Indiana,” reports CNET. “Since then, 57.8 million egg-laying hens, poultry chickens and turkeys in 47 states have been destroyed by farmers or killed by the virus.”
However, one UK egg farmer has pushed back on the official avian flu narrative and claims the real reason for the shortage is because supermarkets don’t want to pay farmers for the eggs.
“So the supermarkets have upped their price for you the consumer, but they haven’t filtered that price increase down to us the farmers so our cost of producing these eggs has skyrocketed, [i.e.] feed, electric, the price of new birds, but our price of eggs has stayed the same, so we physically can’t afford to produce these eggs,” explains farmer Ioan Humphreys in a viral video.
The higher prices and shortage doesn’t only affect consumers, but small businesses that rely on eggs like restaurants and bakeries, as noted by Economic Collapse blog author Michael Snyder.
Whatever the reason for the shortage, there’s certainly a surplus of egg memes mocking the skyrocketing prices, as well as the absurd scarcity of the once-ubiquitous food staple.

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