by Zero Hedge

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The conflict over Critical Race Theory in schools boils down to two basic responses from the political left – They claim that there is no such thing as “CRT” in the way that conservatives see it, and that the accusation it is being used to indoctrinate young children is a “right wing conspiracy theory.”  Or, when they get caught they claim CRT is nothing more than an accurate portrayal of American history inclusive to minorities that has been suppressed because of “bigotry.” 

For years the former argument, that CRT does not exist and is not taught in school curriculum, has been the primary argument. 

Critical Race Theory is the mostly faulty theory that western society today is built on a foundation of systemic racism.  Its root assertion is that all American accomplishments over the past few centuries are owed to slavery and the exploitation of minorities.  In other words, we have to abandon our past because it is inherently racist and “evil” and start over – Using the political left’s ideals as a framework, of course.

CRT is a product of the Marxist concept of deconstruction.  The purpose of such products is to dismantle the foundations and historical relationships of a target society, to make people hate their own heritage so that they are easier to manipulate towards a new leftist Utopian standard.

States like Florida have begun to actively monitor school textbooks and curriculum to identify a possible invasion of CRT and other woke propaganda.  This has led to a flurry of angry attacks from leftists, who say it is paranoia akin to “book burning” and censorship.  The accusation is hypocritical considering the left’s rampant censorship over the past few years, but whenever they react so viciously to a simple thing like a state government checking the contents of textbooks before they buy them with public tax dollars, then you know that state is hovering very close to something leftists don’t want them to discover.

Florida found CRT and leftist propaganda in at least 41% of the textbooks slated to be purchased by the state for the coming school year, and they gave numerous examples of CRT related content as the media attacked.  With red states starting to vet curriculum, leftists are attempting to hide their ideology more carefully using “non-profit” curriculum creators as middle men that can get around state laws.  

Project Veritas recently exposed one of these non-profit groups in Georgia, called The Teaching Lab, and how they inject CRT into public schools by “not calling it CRT” and selling textbooks and other products directly to school districts without the state knowing the contents.  

An important detail to note here is that Teaching Lab employee Quintin Bostic admits that their products are indeed CRT.  Also, he admits that the group is funded by very rich establishment leftists including MacKenzie Scott, now ex-wife of Amazon mogul Jeff Bezos.  

The intrusion of political activism into the American school system is a fundamental violation of the public trust and of state law in many places.  It is unacceptable for children to be targeted for ideological indoctrination in school when they are supposed to be taught basic academics.  Imparting to young people the ability to function and succeed in adulthood is a key task of the public school system; instead leftists see schools as rich hunting grounds for conversion.  In this way, they destroy the future of the country by replacing useful knowledge and skills with brainwashing and cultism.