Former President Donald Trump lays out plan to stop the chemical, physical, and emotional mutilation of America’s youth.

Trump Releases Video Detailing His 2024 Policy Outlawing Medical Gender ...

Former President Donald Trump announced that if reelected, he will institute a policy protecting children from the radical left’s gender-bending surgeries and procedures.

In a recorded statement Tuesday, Trump said the left’s “gender insanity being pushed on” America’s children amounts to “child abuse.”

“Here’s my plan to stop the chemical, physical and emotional mutilation of our youth,” Trump began. “On day one, I will revoke Joe Biden’s cruel policies on so-called ‘gender affirming care.’ Ridiculous. A process that includes giving kids puberty blockers, mutating their physical appearance, and ultimately performing surgery on minor children. Can you believe this?”

Trump said he’d sign an executive order compelling all federal agencies to stop promoting LGBTQ ideology and cut off federal funding to hospitals or healthcare providers who participate in radical gender treatments.

“I will sign a new executive order instructing every federal agency to cease all programs that promote the concept of sex and gender transition at any age,” he said. “I will then ask Congress to permanently stop federal taxpayer dollars from being used to promote or pay for these procedures and pass a law prohibiting child sexual mutilation in all 50 states. It’ll go very quickly.”

“I will declare that any hospital or healthcare provider that participates in the chemical or physical mutilation of minor youth will no longer meet federal health and safety standards for Medicaid and Medicare and will be terminated from the program immediately.”

The 45th president also said he’ll make it easier for patients to “sue doctors who have unforgivably performed these procedures on minor children.”

Trump went on to say that the Justice Department will be tasked with investigating whether Big Pharma and the “big hospital networks” collaborated to cover up “horrific long-term side effects” of gender procedures order to “get rich” off “vulnerable” patients.

“We will also investigate whether Big Pharma and others have illegally marketed hormones and puberty blockers which are in no way licensed or approved for this use.”

Additionally, the Department of Education will notify schools that any educator who promotes gender-bending ideology will face “severe consequences” including “potential civil rights violations for sex discrimination.”

Trump also said he’ll ask Congress to introduce a bill “making it clear that Title IX prohibits men from participating in women’s sports, and we will protect the rights of parents from being forced to allow their minor child to assume a gender, which is new, and an identity without the parents’ consent.”

“No serious country should be telling its children that they were born with the wrong gender: a concept that was never heard of in all of human history. Nobody’s ever heard of this, what’s happening today,” Trump said.

“It was all when the Radical Left invented it just a few years ago,” he added. “Under my leadership, this madness will end.”