Gwendolyn Herzig replies, “I don’t know what my rights are, but that question was highly inappropriate.”

Arkansas state Sen. Matt McKee (R) asked a transgender pharmacist, “do you have a penis?”, prompting audible gasps from his liberal colleagues.

McKee posed the question to Little Rock pharmacist Gwendolyn Herzig during a Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday discussing a proposed law to ban transition drugs and procedures for minors.

“You said that you’re a trans woman?” McKee asked. “Do you have a penis?”

Several attendees could be heard gasping, and one person even shouted, “disgraceful!”

Herzig replied that the question was “horrible.”

“I don’t know what my rights are, but that question was highly inappropriate,” Herzig said.

“I’m a health care professional, a doctor,” Herzig continued. “Please treat me as such. Next question, please.”

The Democratic Party of Arkansas seized the moment, claiming “Republicans are not hiding their transphobia.”

Responding to the viral clip, Herzig later told NBC News: “Any other question I was expecting other than what I got. It was probably the most publicly humiliating thing I’ve ever gone through.”

“I really just hope it just shows people that there’s people like me who want to stand up and that there are people who want to make sure there are access to resources,” Herzig added.

The proposed bill, which would also allow people who have received such medical care to sue medical practitioners for up to 30 years after turning 18, passed through the Arkansas Senate Judiciary on Monday.