by Adan Salazar

Footage shows officer perform series of stretches when he suddenly slumps over before falling onto ground.

Shocking footage out of India shows the moment a police constable collapsed while working out in a gym and died suddenly.

Security camera footage last week from the gym in Hyderabad showed the 30-year-old officer, Y Vishal, performing a series of stretches after completing a set of pushups when he suddenly slumps over while grasping a piece of exercise equipment before falling onto the ground.

More from the Times of India, which admitted the incident is “added to the growing list of young men dying while gymming”:

At around 8.30 pm, his family members received a phone call from the gym about the collapse. Gym mates immediately shifted him to a private hospital where the doctors declared him dead…


Police quoting doctors said Vishal passed away due to a massive cardiac arrest. “He died of a heart attack following high blood pressure,” Marredpally inspector Ch Netaji told TOI. A constable of the 2020 batch, Vishal was in service only for two years.

Family members said Vishal used to work out frequently at the gym. They said after completion of his night shift on Wednesday he left the police station at 8am on Thursday and went to the gym.

In the CCTV footage, Vishal was seen performing push-ups. As he moved to another area, he was seen coughing. As he was holding the bars of a gym equipment, his coughing turned vigorous. Moments later, he collapsed. While others training there rushed to him, Vishal was seen struggling. The gym trainer was seen trying to revive him.

The video provides yet another example of a younghealthy person dying suddenly from a heart attack in the wake of the experimental Covid-19 mRNA injection rollout.