by Kelen McBreen

Democrat says company ‘cowering’ to GOP ‘extremists’

In a Twitter post on Monday, California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom said his state “won’t be doing business with Walgreens” anymore because it does not sell abortion pills.

“California won’t be doing business with @walgreens — or any company that cowers to the extremists and puts women’s lives at risk,” he wrote. “We’re done.”

The strangest part of the whole thing is that Walgreens does sell the abortion pill in its California stores, but won’t be distributing them in 20 conservative-led states where attorneys general warned of legal consequences unless they stopped.

So, Newsom is punishing the corporation for following the laws in other states.

A statement from Newsom’s office reads, “CA is reviewing all relationships between Walgreens and the state. We will not pursue business with companies that cave to right wing bullies pushing their extremist agenda or companies that put politics above the health of women and girls.”

Democrat filmmaker Michael Moore is pushing for a nationwide boycott of Walgreens due to their refusal to disobey the Republican AGs.

TPUSA reporter Savanah Hernandez noted, “Your average Walgreens in California gets looted daily, but their decision not to distribute abortion pills is where Newsom draws the line on “extremism” and women’s lives being ‘put at risk’… What a joke.”

Time will tell if other states follow Newsom’s lead in going after the pockets of Walgreens in retaliation for “cowering” to the GOP.

One thing is certain, the left gets really upset when anybody tries to get in the way of them killing babies.