by Steve Watson

Two more in the past week

In the past week, two high profile football (soccer for Americans) players have collapsed on the field of play, continuing a trend that has seemingly now become the norm.

Last Wednesday, 28-year-old Brazilian player Zé Carlos, from the club Ferroviário suffered a sudden illness while playing in a cup match.

He was treated as the game went on, according to reports, and returned to the pitch for a short time before being substituted and then collapsing and being taken to hospital in an ambulance.

Thankfully, the player was later released from hospital and is recovering.
In another incident in Spain, 25-year-old Serbian defender Dragisa Gudelj collapsed on the pitch, suffering a cardiac arrest.
Reports state that doctors performed CPR on the field reviving Gudelj. They treated him for seven minutes before taking him to the hospital.
Other players were left in a state of shock with some breaking down in tears. The game was abandoned after the incident.

The reports state that when Gudelj regained consciousness he wanted to carry on playing in the match.

The player is now “stable” but under “close surveillance” in hospital.

Gudelj’s brother, who also plays in Spain sent out an update noting “The life of my brother, (his heart is) still beating, thanks to the medical services of Cordoba CF.”

In addition to these two incidents, earlier this month, an Ivorian defender for RC Abidjan, Moustapha Sylla, was not so fortunate as he sadly passed away after collapsing during a league game.
He was just 21-years-old.
In Greece last month, a 20-year-old player from Karditsa suddenly collapsed without any contact with another footballer and later died in hospital.
The ongoing spate of players experiencing heart problems, chest pains, and at worst collapsing and dying has led many to call for investigations into what is causing an apparent elevation of such incidents.
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