Some on social media slammed Madonna for announcing ‘trans rights’ tour just as trans individual went on murderous rampage killing 6 Christians.

Pop singer and New World Order jezebel Madonna has added a tour stop in Nashville, Tennessee, that will raise money for transgender organizations.

The additional tour stop announcement came the same day as Monday’s mass shooting in which a transgender woman shot and killed six people at a private Christian school in Nashville.

“With anti-LGBTQ+ legislation passing in Tennessee and other states, longtime social activist Madonna announced an additional stop on her The Celebration Tour in Nashville on December 22nd,” an announcement on Madonna’s website stated, adding, “A portion of proceeds from the show will go to trans rights organizations.”

The announcement continued:

“In regard to the over 100 anti-LGBTQ+ bills currently before state legislatures, Madonna says “the oppression of the LGBTQ+ is not only unacceptable and inhumane; it’s creating an unsafe environment; it makes America a dangerous place for our most vulnerable citizens, especially trans women of color.  Also, these so-called laws to protect our children are unfounded and pathetic. Anyone with half a brain knows not to fuck with a drag queen. Bob [the Drag Queen] and I will see you from the stage in Nashville where we will celebrate the beauty that is the queer community.”

Some on social media slammed Madonna for announcing the trans rights tour just as a trans individual went on a murderous rampage.

For many, Madonna’s disregard of the victims of the recent Nashville shooting was just more evidence she’s a Satanic “trash human being” and a “low life scum piece of sh*t.”