by Kelen McBreen

Elementary students don’t need to see images of oral and anal sex

Former ABC anchor and brother of ex-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Chris Cuomo, was blasted during a recent News Nation interview in a clip now going viral online.

Attempting to defend the sexually vulgar books being displayed in American schools, Cuomo talked with two women from the group “Moms For Liberty” about why they want the explicit content removed from schools.

Insinuating the women are homophobic, Cuomo asked them if the books would bother them as much if the sexual animations were between males and females instead of homosexual relationships.

The mothers explained they are simply concerned with pornographic images and writing in the books regardless of sexual orientation.

One of the moms, Tina Descovich, read from a book labeled appropriate for kindergarten through 3rd grade, telling Cuomo, “Sabrina’s vagina becomes moist and warm and Marco’s penis gets very stiff. Marco then pushes his penis into Sabrina’s vagina always in and out that feels great for both of them.”

“This is appropriate for four to eight-year-olds?” Descovich asked, noting this book is found in schools around the country.

She then chastised Cuomo for falsely claiming conservative groups want to ban books such as “To Kill A Mockingbird.”

The other “Moms For Liberty” representative told the News Nation host the straw man argument that conservatives want to ban historical and activist books is the only narrative receiving attention because parents are being silenced and censored.

She said, “Moms and dads are getting up at school board meetings and having their mics cut. We can’t show these pictures on YouTube, on Facebook, on Twitter, they get censored. We couldn’t show them on CBS Morning News…”

Since they couldn’t be specific about the content found in schools, the group decided to “set the bar low” and call for a ban on all pornographic material in school libraries.

The Democratic Party is lying to the public about the movement to take sexual books out of schools by claiming the right is “banning books” as if they were trying to block crucial information.

This is ironic as it’s the left-wing establishment that consistently prevents vital information from reaching the public using its internet censorship tools and establishment media propagandists.

Popular Twitter account Libs of TikTok commented on a recent video of Kamala Harris pushing the false claim the right is engaged in a “book ban.”

“When they accuse us of ‘book bans’ they’re referring to pornographic books available to kids in schools across the US. For some reason they always forget to give examples… so here’s a glimpse: Why does @VP want kids reading porn in school?” the account asked, providing a few images from books found in schools.

Former Democrat President Bill Clinton’s daughter Chelsea also parroted the “book ban” falsity in a tweet that was fact-checked by Twitter Notes, clarifying the book included in Clinton’s post “contains visual depictions of oral sex, masturbation and adult sexual contact with a minor.”

Meanwhile, liberal California politicians are trying to force every school in the state to shelve the pornographic books in their libraries.

Most people who are buying the mainstream “book ban” narrative have never been presented with the actual materials found in the schools.

Just a small sample of Infowars’ coverage of the disturbing pornographic push in American schools can be found below: