This tragic shooting is a solemn reminder that gun-free zones are easy targets for killers and good guys with guns are the best protection against such evil.

In the interest of public safety, Infowars is publishing scenes from the shooting in Allen, Texas, that left 9 dead to highlight the terrible reality about gun-free zones and the importance of the Second Amendment for self-protection.

The gunman identified as 33-year old Mauricio Garcia opened fire on a crowd outside a the Allen Premium Outlet mall, killing 9 people ranging from 5 to 61 years old.

Garcia was killed by a police officer working an unrelated call who quickly responded to the scene.

Warning! The following images are extremely graphic and viewer discretion is advised:

Bystanders captured the moments after Garcia was taken out:


Others documented the victims at the scene:


Like many areas of its kind, this mall was a gun-free zone, which makes for an easy target for a shooter.

The shooting would have been much worse had not an officer quickly neutralized Garcia with his own firearm before he could continue his rampage.

Authorities have not yet found a motive behind Garcia’s massacre.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) claimed Garcia’s hand bears a tattoo that denotes cartel involvement and suggested he may have been in America illegally.

Predictably, Joe Biden called for gun control before the killer’s identity was even released.

The solution isn’t to disarm law-abiding citizens, but to empower them to protect themselves against criminal murderers like Garcia, which is exactly what the Second Amendment does.