by Sputnik November 28th 2020, 9:56 am

Former US Army officer analyzes the ongoing turbulence of the post-election political life in the U.S. and how we’re fast approaching civil war

Last week, a coalition of progressive groups launched a campaign demanding that Biden transition officials “keep corporate insiders out” of the upcoming presidential administration. Will the projected President-elect manage to maintain the balance between representatives of all political views in his country?

Scott Bennett, former US Army officer and political analyst, reflects on the ongoing turbulence of the post-election political life in the United States. 

Sputnik: We are currently seeing growing pressure on the projected president-elect Biden to abide by his election rhetoric and plans. To what extent can the Biden-Harris administration stick to their agenda, in your view?

Scott Bennett: We are living in one of the most unpredictable and potentially volatile times in American history. The election of the American President is far from over and may be subject to months of legal wrangling, Congressional action, and potentially military action in order to maintain law and order. There are those people who voted for Donald Trump, and those who voted for Joe Biden, and the curious discrepancy is that it is almost statistically impossible for the votes to have favoured Joe Biden in the last few hours of election night—but that is the miracle that the Leftist Democrats and mainstream media are trying to convince the American public of.  As a result, the Leftist groups and individuals who participated in the election campaign activities and messaging, are now clamouring for a piece of the Biden pie and demanding favouritism and pseudo-reparations to an extent. Whether they be Black Lives Matter, Communists, Homosexual Lobbying groups (LGBT, Man-Boy Love Association, Feminists), Environmentalists, Globalists, or Muslim Radical groups, these parties are trying to sway Biden away from traditional orthodoxy and semi-rational policy approaches and instead adopt radical revolutionary concepts, ideologies, and authoritarian orders—such as mandatory society lockdowns, mask-wearing, and forced vaccinations. 
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