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Senator Rand Paul accused Georgia and other states of using the COVID-19 pandemic to steal the election in a move he says could have came from the playbook of Obama Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, who famously said, “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

Appearing on Fox News prior to the Wednesday Senate hearing on election irregularities, Senator Paul was asked how revelations, such as the one out of Georgia showing more than 1,700 voters illegally submitted two ballots during the Nov. 3 contest, would effect the upcoming runoff elections in the Empire State of the South.

Paul would respond, saying: “You’d think that all of this would be investigated and tried to be fixed before the election.”

The Senator went on to run off a list of voter fraud examples in Georgia, including the 1,700 double votes, votes from commercial addresses, and dead voters casting ballots.

He also pointed to potential illegal voting activity in Nevada:

“We’re going to hear testimony from Nevada where 15 hundred people were deceased and should not have voted, four thousand people were illegal aliens, and 15 thousand people voted from commercial address when you have to vote from a home address.”

Echoing the case laid out by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in his recently dismissed Supreme Court lawsuit, Paul accused states of using the COVID-19 crisis to dodge state and federal election law, comparing the move to a play right out of the Obama, Rahm Emanuel playbook:

“It’s sort of Obama, Rahm Emanuel’s playbook. They took the crisis of COVID and then they changed election law … not by changing law at the state legislature, they had secretaries of state and or governors simply by fiat change the law to say ‘oh you can keep counting votes’ when the law did say that. So, this election really was stolen in a way and it was stolen because people changed the law …”

Shortly after his appointment as Obama’s Chief of Staff, former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel famously uttered the words “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste” during a corporate panel sponsored by the Wall Street Journal.

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