by National File December 19th 2020, 11:54 am

“There could also have been a hit on our ridiculous voting machines during the election,” said President Trump.

President Donald Trump suggested on Twitter that China ‘may be’ responsible for the recently announced SolarWinds cyber attack, adding that “Russia, Russia, Russia is the priority chant” when anything happens, because mainstream media outlets have “financial reasons” to not cover China’s potential involvement.

President Trump also said that the cyber attack could have impacted “our ridiculous voting machines” during the 2020 US election, adding that the election was a “corrupted embarrassment for the USA.”

This comes after several days of the mainstream media repeatedly blaming Russia or Russian actors for the devastating attack.

National File confirmed on December 17 that Dominion Voting Systems does in fact use SolarWinds products.

Multiple sources have confirmed Dominion Voting Systems utilizes products from SolarWinds, a recently hacked software company that provides IT service management to businesses, the executive branch, intelligence services, and the US military. Dominion denies using SolarWinds products included in the hack.

SolarWinds was hacked in March by who the ODNI, FBI, and CISA refer to as “malicious actors.” The breach of the SolarWinds’ Orion platform was announced this month, just six days before SolarWinds investors sold hundreds of millions of dollars in stock.

The Daily Dot claims that a Dominion Voting Systems spokesperson said “Dominion Voting Systems does not now — nor has it ever — used the SolarWinds Orion Platform, which was subject of the DHS emergency directive dated December 12, 2020.”

SolarWinds ties to China are beginning to make their way into public view amid the announcement of the cyber breach that reportedly struck the company in March. SolarWinds board director Kenneth Hao “led the establishment” of a $75 billion investment firm into China, as National File reported.

According to his biography on the Silver Lake website, Kenneth Hao “led the establishment of the firm’s offices in China and Japan and led Silver Lake’s investments in Alibaba Group” from 2008-2011.

Silver Lake also notes that “Hao currently serves as a director on the boards” of several companies, including SolarWinds.

According to the Washington Post, SolarWinds investors traded a total of $280 million in stock before the official announcement of the breach, raising questions about potential insider trading. Silver Lake sold $158 million in SolarWinds shares six days before the SolarWinds breach was announced.

Another SolarWinds board director named Seth Boro, bought JD Power from a mysterious Chinese company known as XIO Group for $1.8 billion months before the SolarWinds breach in 2019, as National File reported.

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