by Jamie White

January 2nd 2021, 11:50 am

COVID tyranny continues as police ignore skyrocketing violent crime

Disturbing video out of Canada shows police violently raiding a family’s home for supposedly violating local COVID capacity rules.

The now-viral footage from Gatineau, Quebec on New Year’s Eve shows several masked police forcibly removing a man from the home after a COVID snitch reported the gathering of six people.

The police are then seen subduing the man outside, pinning his face against the asphalt and snow.

“The recommended approach was preventive. The agents asked for their collaboration to put an end to the gathering, but they were rejected,” Lieutenant Éric Simard told Le Journal de Montréal.

Rebel Media‘s Ezra Levant lambasted the City of Gatineau Police Department (SPVG) and “lockdown politicians” on Saturday, saying he no longer supports police that enforce lockdown tyranny.

“I’m sorry. This video is the tipping point for me. For 48 years I have been pro-police, almost fanatically so. I cannot say that anymore,” Levant tweeted. “I know there are still good cops out there. Some are my friends. But as the violent enforcers of the lockdown I no longer support them.”

Many instances of excessive police enforcement of COVID lockdown measures have been documented, while actual violent crime in major cities have skyrocketed amid the far-left Black Lives Matter “defund the police” movement.