“Right on cue.”

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

Pacific Press via Getty Images

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has followed Michigan, Chicago and California in announcing plans to ease COVID restrictions, prompting many conservatives to allege that the timing is political.

The Governor said in a press conference that the situation in relation to new cases and hospitalizations was improving, meaning lockdown measures could be relaxed soon.

“Cuomo didn’t give further details on what type of restrictions he might loosen or what cluster zones might be eliminated or changed,” reports Syracuse.com. “The state Health Department is reviewing data on the zones now and Cuomo said expects to have announcements in the coming days.”

Respondents to the story said the move was politically timed to help Joe Biden ultimately claim victory over COVID.

“Yep. Right on cue after Trump is out of office!” remarked one.

“Now they will reduce the unreported replication factor for the COVID test, and presto – no more COVID,” said another.

“Amazing how it all disappeared a week after Trump’s gone,” added another.

As we highlighted earlier, California Governor Gavin Newsom is also set to lift the stay-at-home order across all regions tomorrow based on data that’s not publicly available.

“Michigan, Chicago, now California. It’s almost as if the “science” changed, once Biden became president? How convenient for Whitmer, Lightfoot, and Newsom?” tweeted Steve Cortes.

“Using small businesses, churches, schools, and citizens as pawns in a crass political game is evil,” he added.

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