January 26th 2021, 5:05 pm

“Voters of all political persuasions in Texas can agree on one thing, Washington D.C. is and has been broken,” says Rep. Kyle Biedermann.

Texas State Representative Kyle Biedermann introduced a bill on Tuesday that would allow Texans to vote on whether to secede from the United States.

With Joe Biden now occupying the White House, Biedermann decided to put forward House Bill 1359, otherwise known as the Texas Independence Referendum Act, to let Texans decide whether to become an independent nation decoupled from the federal government.

“This Act simply lets Texans vote through a referendum. This decision is too big to be monopolized solely by the power brokers in our Capitol.” Biedermann said in a statement.

“We need to let Texans’ voices be heard! Voters of all political persuasions in Texas can agree on one thing, Washington D.C. is and has been broken.” 

“Our national government continuously fails our working families, seniors, taxpayers, veterans, and small business owners,” he continued. “For decades, our federal government has eroded the promise of America and our individual liberties. It is now time that the People of Texas are allowed the right to decide their own future. This is not a left or right political issue. This is simply about allowing Texans the right to vote.”

Texas Nationalist Movement President Daniel Miller, whose group boasts nearly 400,000 members, praised the move.

“This bill is simply to put the question to the people of Texas. Even if legislators don’t personally support TEXIT, at a minimum, they should support your right to publicly debate and vote on the issue,” Miller said in a statement.

“Your representatives either believe that you are smart and responsible enough to make this decision, or they believe that they know what’s best for you regardless of what you think. There is no middle ground,” he added.