February 7th 2021, 1:01 pm

Saturday Night Live mocks increasingly politicized commercials during Super Bowl

“Saturday Night Live” had its own take on how the Super Bowl’s commercials should address political hot topics like Black Lives Matter and Q Anon.

The show’s cold open on Saturday began as a parody of the “Super Bowl LV Pregame Show” featuring Kenan Thompson as James Brown among the panel, giving their commentary on a series of “impassioned commercials” to “reflect this moment in history.” 

Cheez-Its promoted the Black Lives Matter movement with the tagline: “Cheez-Its. Historically delicious.”

“In these times, what you stand for matters more than ever. We’ve learned once again that freedom isn’t free. But we must always strive for equality and we must always reach for Cheez-Its,” the narrator states in the ad.

“Woo! Wow. Truly inspiring,” former quarterback Phil Simms, portrayed by Mikey Day, said at the end of the ad. 

Papa John’s came next, with a spin on Q Anon, billing its pizza with “no additives, no preservatives and no child sex trafficking in the basement.”

“Sorry, Democrats, you’ll have to get your child sex pizza over at Hillary’s Pizzeria,” the narrator said, later adding, “Stop by with your Q-pon today.”

There’s even a Budweiser ad featuring a horse kicking the COVID-19 vaccine into an elderly lady’s arm.

“Better get that second dose — of cold, refreshing Bud Light,” the narrator said.