February 15th 2021, 3:11 pm

Large enthusiastic crowd proves Trump still a potent force in Republican party.

President Donald Trump surprised attendees at a President’s Day rally in Florida when he dropped in for a brief visit.

The energy was high in West Palm Beach Monday where hundreds of pro-Trump demonstrators lined the streets to celebrate the holiday and show support for the 45th president.

Soon, rumors began percolating that the president, who lives nearby at his Mar-a-Lago resort, could make an appearance.

Then the moment finally came, and cameras were rolling when the president’s motorcade drove by.

The event was being streamed live on YouTube by RightSide broadcasting before the platform cut the stream’s live chat feature.

The surprise appearance comes as the Senate voted to acquit President Trump of impeachment charges on Saturday, making a potential 2024 presidential run a viable prospect.