by Adan Salazar

February 22nd 2021, 1:25 pm

‘Texas thought it could go it alone and built a system that ignored climate change,’ Schumer said.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) hopes the brutal winter storm that left dozens dead in Texas will teach the state a lesson about climate change.

The New York Democrat made the unseemly remarks during a press conference Sunday. 

“The bottom line is, Texas thought it could go it alone and built a system that ignored climate change,” Schumer said, referencing the state’s renowned energy independence.

“It was not what’s called resilient, and now Texas is paying the price,” Schumer said.

“I hope they learned a lesson.”

The bitter remarks come as over 20 Texans died when temperatures in the Lone Star State last week dipped into single digits, while energy companies instituted rolling blackouts in accordance with Biden Energy Department environmental restrictions.

“When we build power, when we build anything now, we have to take into account that climate change is real, or people will have to be caught the way the people in Texas were,” Schumer continued.

The Democrat senator also ripped Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) on Twitter, claiming he ran a grid that ignored “climate crisis.”

“It was not resilient,” Schumer said, adding federal officials are investigating Abbott’s energy policies which he claims “failed and exacerbated the winter storm crisis.”

The latest reports claim 22 people died in Texas either due to hypothermia, or carbon monoxide poisoning as they tried to stay warm inside their cars and homes.