March 1st 2021, 5:29 pm

Obama-era CIA Director continues to sow race division on network TV

Former CIA Director John Brennan revealed his shame for being a white male on MSNBC.

During a Monday interview on “Deadline”, Brennan claimed his status as a white male embarrassed him because white Republicans won’t call the Capitol riot an insurrection.

“To Claire’s point, I’m increasingly embarrassed to be a white male these days, with what I see other white males say,” Brennan told host Nicole Wallace, who laughed in reply.

“It just shows, with very few exceptions, like Mitt Romney, Liz Chenny, Adam Kinzinger, there are so few Republicans in Congress who value truth, honesty, and integrity. And so they’ll continue to gaslight the country, the way Donald Trump did.”

“The fact this has so many implications for the American public and for the members of Congress, again, as Claire said, it is just a disgusting display of craven politics that really should have no place in the United States in 2021,” he added.

Speaking of craven politics, it’s worth noting that Brennan lied to Congress about the CIA surveilling the Senate in 2014 while they were reviewing the agency’s torture methods.

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