by Kelen McBreen

March 1st 2021, 4:18 pm

Gas vehicles are being phased out by leftist politicians

The Petaluma, California City Council has voted to ban new gas stations from being built in the city.

Aimed at achieving “carbon neutrality,” the initiative prevents any construction of new gas stations and prohibits existing ones from building new pumps.

On the contrary, the bill makes it easier for existing gas stations to install electric vehicle charging stations and alternative fuel stations.

The whole state of California is mimicking globalist green energy initiatives like Britain’s plan to ban gas vehicles by 2030 by implementing its own anti-gas programs.

Last year, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order announcing the state will “aggressively move the state further away from its reliance on climate change-causing fossil fuels while retaining and creating jobs and spurring economic growth.”

The order requires sales of all new passenger vehicles to be zero-emission by 2035.

California hopes to achieve total “carbon neutrality” by 2045 and Petaluma hopes to reach that goal by the year 2030.

D’Lynda Fischer, the city council member behind the bill, is quoted as saying, “The goal here is to move away from fossil fuels and to make it as easy as possible to do that.”

These types of ordinances could spread become commonplace in California and other liberal states, as a group called the Coalition Opposing New Gas Stations has been pushing to stop the construction of gas stations throughout all of Sonoma county. 

In typical Democrat fashion, the anti-gas initiative is being spoon-fed to American politicians by globalists groups like the World Economic Forum, Davos and others.

World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset” agenda envisions a world where corporations and governments are forced to ditch fossil fuels and instead invest in renewables, hydrogen and other low carbon alternatives.

Essentially, the global plan is to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies and introduce carbon pricing to incentivize future investments.

The COVID-19 pandemic is being used to fast-track this agenda worldwide.

The pandemic provides leaders a chance to rebuild societies through what will be branded as a “nature-friendly” recovery.

With the Biden administration in charge, expect America to adopt more “green” policies going ahead.

America is slowly learning what many other countries already know… They are being preyed upon by a globalist shutdown of essential industries worldwide.