March 13th 2021, 12:02 pm

Biden’s speech raises “at least one vexing question: what if you don’t want to get vaccinated? Not everyone does,” notes Carlson

Fox News host Tucker Carlson laid out the implications of Joe Biden’s authoritarian COVID-19 speech telling Americans to get the vaccine and obey the edicts of the federal government.

During his Friday monologue, Carlson broke down Biden’s speech warning that Americans MAY be able to hold modest gatherings on Independence Day — provided they’ve gotten the COVID vaccine.

“There is a good chance, not a sure thing, but a good chance that you might be allowed to have a modest cookout 4 months from now,” Carlson said, summarizing Biden’s remarks.

“That is, as long as you obey regulations – weather permitting – and assuming that current federal projections unfold according to plan. That’s your prize.”

“Don’t ever tell us that Joe Biden isn’t a compassionate, generous man,” Carlson continued mockingly. “Here he is, offering you, with some medically necessary caveats run by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the right to cook your own hotdogs!” 

Carlson pointed out that all these newly-bestowed freedoms by Biden will only require that you get the vaccine, whether you like it or not.

“What other wonders does president Biden have in store for us? Well, you’re gonna have to get vaccinated to find out. Sorry, that’s the other requirement should have mentioned it. Everybody needs the shot, period. That’s what Biden said,” Carlson explained.

“The military will give you that shot, and if you take that shot, things potentially could get back to normal,” he sneered. “No mention at all of the people who might not want to take the shot.”

Carlson’s merciless evisceration of Biden’s speech is outweighed only by the absurdity of the speech itself, which will likely go down as one of the most radical ever delivered by a “president.”

Watch Biden’s speech here: