No laughs allowed.

by Paul Joseph Watson


Video Screenshot

TikTok has deleted several viral videos by a comedian who made fun of Dr. Fauci by performing satirical impressions of the epidemiologist.

Tyler Fischer’s impressions went viral on the app but several of the videos were deleted after apparently violating “community guidelines.”

“My Fauci impressions are starting to be removed from TikTok for breaking “community guidelines,” tweeted Fischer. “Censorship causes extremism, cause now I have to go do my impressions door to door like a psychopath.”

In one of the impressions, Fischer mocked Fauci’s pedantic rhetoric on mask wearing.

“I’d say even if you live alone, I would wear a mask in the house, especially in the shower,” Fischer said. “Because, frankly, droplets can make their way through the drain, and come up through somebody else’s toilet, infecting them through the anus.”

The deletions are unsurprising given that the Beijing-linked app is easily the most censorious out of all the major networks.

Fischer’s impressions are still available on Twitter and YouTube, at least for the time being.

As we highlight in the video below, TikTok has become the primary platform for members of the COVID cult to perform their neurotic, cringeworthy denunciations and celebrations of the vaccine, as well as their religious worship of Fauci himself.