by Kelen McBreen May 24th 2021, 5:33 pm

White House video totally ratioed by viewers

A White House Town Hall put on by YouTube Monday was met with negative reviews from internet users who sniffed out the lame propaganda effort.

As seen in the screenshot below, about four thousand YouTubers gave the video a thumbs-down review compared to a measly 839 thumbs-up ratings within hours of the video being published.

YouTube also turned off the comments for the vaccine push.

In the Town Hall, Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci took questions about COVID jabs from four different content creators.

The first person, a make-up artist named Manny Mua, asked the pair if young people should get the COVID shot.

Predictably, Dr. Fauci said young people should take the vaccine to protect themselves while also “protecting society” from being infected.

Next, Mua asked if vaccine passports will be implemented, to which Biden said, “These rumors of vaccine passports just play to paranoia, particularly with younger people. And, that’s just not the case.”

Next, a pair of outdoorsmen behind the Brave Wilderness YouTube channel asked Biden and Fauci to alleviate concerns parents and children may have about adolescents receiving the experimental COVID vaccine.

Once again, the White House reiterated that taking the shot is about “obligation to other people.”

“It’s not just about them,” Biden said.

One of the Brave Wilderness guys then asked how vaccines will impact travel this summer.

“Vaccines are making travel safe,” Fauci answered. “The gateway to safe travel, is to get vaccinated.”

Does that mean the masking and social distancing the Biden White House has been mandating has been unsafe?

The final Town Hall guest was YouTuber and activist Jackie Aina who also asked for Fauci and Biden to ease people’s fear of the COVID vaccine.

“The science behind both the safety and the efficacy of the vaccine is truly extraordinary,” Fauci responded.

He continued, “We never put people down for asking questions about their concerns about the vaccine, but they need to know that the science that went into it is absolutely pristine. This is the result of decades of very intensive basic and clinical research.”

Of course, that statement is 100% BS as nearly anyone questioning the vaccine has their social media account deleted after being labeled a conspiracy theorist by the establishment.

Continuing to hammer down White House talking points, Biden once again said, “It’s all about protecting other people too, it’s not just about you, it’s about your obligation.”

The pathetic nature of the Biden & Fauci COVID Vaccine Town Hall shows the establishment is losing the culture war.