Attorney General Merrick Garland “works for his dad, so he’s fine. He can do literally whatever he wants, and as we’ve seen, he definitely has,” he says.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson scorched the Democrats and Department of Justice for covering up Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal weeks before the 2020 presidential election.

“So much happens in the final weeks of a presidential campaign that it’s easy to lose track of it. Whatever happened to this or that — development in the news. You can’t remember. A lot falls between the cracks. There’s overload,” Carlson said in his opening monologue of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Friday.

“Politicians know this, obviously, and they take advantage of it. If they can derail a story until after Election Day, often that story goes away forever. No one really remembers. And that was precisely the thinking behind the Democrats’ response to Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

“They knew from the first day that the contents of that laptop were in fact genuine,” Carlson continued. “Look at what’s on there, it may be theoretically possible that some foreign Intel service would Photoshop a picture of Hunter Biden’s crotch mostly for self-amusement, but a hundred pictures of Hunter Biden’s crotch adorned with M&Ms? No. No Russian did that. Those pictures were real.”

“And so are the huge numbers of e-mails and texts from Hunter Biden explaining how he was selling access to his father, then the Vice President and how his father was helping him do it,” he noted, adding that that revelation “was the real crime that Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed” which the “permanent bureaucracy hid from the country.”

But despite the clear crimes revealed in Hunter’s laptop, the Department of Justice – including the FBI and other law enforcement – not only failed to look into the matter, they actually helped cover it up.

“E-mails on that laptop directly implicate Hunter Biden in his family’s foreign influence peddling operation. Joe Biden, his brother, son — so, why haven’t we heard anything to this day about any of this from the Department of Justice?” Carlson asked.

“Good question, and today we got our answer, and actually it came from Politico. The magazine reported, meaning it was told likely for complex reasons, we can never really know, that the U.S. Attorney in the State of Delaware, a man called David Weiss had, in fact, buried the Hunter Biden case and done so on purpose because he was asked to do it.”

“And in case you have any doubt that that’s exactly what happened and had nothing to do with the timeframe before the election,” he went on, “you should know and you may already know that the FBI had Hunter Biden’s laptop for an entire year before the election.”

“We know they made a forensic copy of the hard drive in 2019. But they did nothing and they still haven’t, now they don’t have time. They’re too busy hunting down senior citizens who talk about election integrity, the fabled ‘insurrectionists,’” he added.