by Kelen McBreen

“The biggest percentage of people who haven’t been vaccinated are people of color.”

During Friday’s edition of The Joe Rogan Experience, the top podcast host and comedian called out vaccine passports being rolled out around the country and exposed how Covid vaccines could actually create new, more powerful variants.

Describing New York’s vaccine passport system, Rogan said, “You have to have a vaccine passport to go to a restaurant, to a gym, to any place where people gather. And, meanwhile, the biggest percentage of people who haven’t been vaccinated are people of color.”

Rogan noted that the state’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo virtue signals as a politician who stands up for immigrants and people of color.

“Those are the people who don’t have vaccines and now you’re precluding them from going to gyms and restaurants, and what about all the people working the restaurants?” he asked.

Next, the top podcast host went over studies sent to him by doctors showing vaccines that don’t kill the host and still allow transmission, like Covid vaccines, can let virulent strains spread.

Essentially, Rogan claimed the data sent to him by doctors and scientists shows the vaccinated, not the unvaccinated are responsible for the surge in Delta variant cases as mainstream media continuously states.

Joe also recognized America as the first successful experiment in self-governance in human history before saying we are currently moving closer to a dictatorship thanks to vaccine passports and travel restrictions.

The UFC commentator also noted that over 70% of those dying from Covid are obese, asking why leaders aren’t pushing Americans to eat healthier and work out to prevent severe cases.

“All you hear is, ‘Take this vaccine that doesn’t even prevent you from getting the disease or you can’t go to the sauna or the Broadway show,’” he said.