by Steve Watson

Three days in and it’s still going strong. Meanwhile you can’t visit your family.

Despite claims that the event would be ‘scaled back’, Barack Obama’s massive party has continued for three days straight, prompting more accusations of hypocrisy and ‘one rule for thee and another for me’ from everyday Americans who are not allowed to hold gatherings with their own friends and families.

As noted at the weekend, Obama was seen partying with hundreds of people, the vast majority ignoring any kind of restrictions as the Secret Service set up a no-fly zone over his mansion,

Photos and videos leaked from the event, despite a ban on them.

The Daily Mail reports that the party at Martha’s Vineyard with hundreds of guests and scores of servants continued throughout the weekend, and wasn’t just restricted to one night.

Guests were seen mingling and enjoying brunch on Sunday:

New York Times reporter is ripped for saying Obama’s 60th birthday bash was…

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