by Jamie White

Biden’s climate change propaganda tour overshadowed by Americans still angry over his Afghanistan debacle.

Joe Biden flew to Manville, New Jersey on Tuesday to deliver remarks on “climate change” after Hurricane Ida flooded the northeast last week.

But instead of arriving to clamoring Democrats, Biden was greeted by a crowd of angry Trump supporters.

One man was heard yelling to a masked Biden: “You leave Americans behind!” as he was milling about talking to law enforcement.

Throngs of furious Trump supporters carrying US, Trump, and Gadsden flags lined the streets as Biden’s motorcade traveled through.

“Fu*k you Joe Biden. Fu*k you, Motherfu**er. Leave our soldiers and Americans behind. Piece of sh*t. Bastard. Fu*k you, Biden!” one man shouted as Biden cruised by.

Other roadside saying “Biden Go Home” and “Fuck Biden” were seen during the event.

Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain said last week that the administration doesn’t know exactly how many Americans are still in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan or how they will be evacuated.

Tens of thousands of people at numerous NCAA football games over the weekend were also seen chanting “Fuck Joe Biden!”

This comes as Biden’s overall approval plummeted to the lowest level of his puppet presidency in the wake of his disastrous military pullout of Afghanistan.