by Adan Salazar

Historic Texas memorial seized by globalist forces.

A man visiting the historic Alamo memorial in San Antonio, Texas was forced to leave by police for not wearing a face mask.

Footage shows the man wearing a black cowboy hat being escorted off the grounds by a police officer, who argues he’s not restricting the man’s right to see the famed fort of Texas lore.

“If you have a problem with any of the rules, then make that phone call,” the cop tells the man being thrown out.

“Then go see the mayor, go see a liberal mayor?” the man asks jestingly.

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“…But we’re losing our rights,” the man tells the cop. “You wouldn’t agree with me on that? My right to see the Alamo today was just taken away from me because I wouldn’t…”

“Go get a mask,” the officer tells the man, pointing off-camera.

“I don’t wear a mask,” the man responds.

Leaving, the man declares, “God bless Texas,” and tells the officer he and his fellow public servants should remove their cowboy hats.

The incident was immortalized by illustrator George Alexopoulos, who highlighted the memorial’s significance.

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The Alamo monument, now seized by globalist forces, holds a special place in Texans’ hearts as it was the site where Texians stood their ground against Mexican forces in 1836, despite being drastically outnumbered.