by Kelen McBreen

The Biden administration wants more Covid deaths

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have both decided to purchase monoclonal antibody treatments directly from a supplier after the Biden administration began rationing doses earlier this month.

With seven southern states purchasing 70% of the antibodies being sold nationwide, the administration claimed there was a shortage and told the red states their share of the treatment would be limited going ahead.

Many suspect the move to be a political one as the announcement came at a time when the seven states buying the majority of the doses were experiencing a drop in cases.

When it’s administered within ten days of the initial infection, the treatment can reduce the need to hospitalize a COVID patient by 70 percent, according to medical experts.

Because of its lifesaving capabilities, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced Thursday that the state is buying three thousand doses of a new brand of antibody treatment called Sotrovimab, which is sold under the brand name Xevudy.

Despite the state government’s purchase, DeSantis says some treatment sites may have to close and many locations will be limited in supply.

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