by Adan Salazar

No pediatric Covid-19 deaths in county where 15-year-old died.Information obtained through Public Records Act shows Sheriff’s office listed death as ‘UNDETERMINED.’

Police in Sonoma County, California, are blaming Pfizer’s experimental mRNA jab for causing the sudden death of a Santa Rosa teen.

The Sonoma County sheriff’s office report shows a determination was made by a medical examiner that the 15–year-old, who was found dead in his bedroom two days after his second jab, suffered “stress cardiomyopathy” and “coronary artery inflammation.”

The report, compiled by the county coroner investigations unit and obtained by a California-area Twitter user, described the unidentified teen was in “good health” before his mother found him “unresponsive” in bed:

The decedent was found unresponsive in his bedroom after his mother was checking on his welfare long after he was supposed to wake in the morning. The decedent was pronounced dead at the scene due to obvious death. The decedent has been in good health with no medical history and had received his second Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccination approximately two days before his death.

The report goes on to state that after a postmortem examination was conducted by a forensic pathologist, “the cause of death was determined to be: ‘STRESS CARDIOMYOPATHY WITH PERIVASCULAR CORONARY ARTERY INFLAMMATION (hours to days), due to, UNKOWN ETIOLOGY IN SETTING OF RECENT PFIZER-BIONTECH COVID-19 VACCINATION (days).’” [emphasis theirs]

“There were no other significant conditions contributing to the death listed,” the report adds.

The officer writing the report says he categorized the death as “UNDETERMINED” despite the heart complications being “in the setting of a recent Pfizer-Biontech Covid-19 vaccination.”

Despite the death taking place back in June, the Twitter user who uploaded the report explains parents only recently learned the death was linked to the vaccine after requesting additional details into the boy’s death.

“According to parents behind the PRA [Public Records Act request], there are no official juvenile deaths listing complications from the Covid vaccine as the cause of death in Sonoma County. Parents requested details of juvenile deaths where manner of death was ‘undetermined’ and the report mentions Covid.”

“Using the information obtained, parents were then able to find this death in the VAERS database. Interestingly, the VAERS entry only mentions the date of the first dose 23 days prior, not the date of the second dose two days prior.

In a twist of irony, stats show there’ve been zero pediatric deaths in Sonoma County from Covid-19, meaning the vaccination was in all likelihood unnecessary.

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