Jaunty chant tells globalists to stick Covid-19 mandates where sun doesn’t shine.Ridicule is a potent weapon against New World Order.

Freedom fighters across the world have popularized a jaunty chant telling the globalists to stick Covid-19 mandates where the sun doesn’t shine.

A compilation by the Daily Caller documents how the chant is being used by protesters worldwide to denounce tyrannical lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

The footage also shows New Zealanders confronting Prime Minster and Covid tyrant Jacinda Ardern with the chant.

The jingle appears to have gone viral in Australia (seen below), where rally participants also chanted, “You can stick your New World order, coronavirus, and poison vaccines up your ass.”

A rendition out of Edinburgh, Scotland, also shows people chanting, “You can stick your vaccine passports up your arse.”