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There has been a media frenzy over Ukraine. Strangely enough, missing from the coverage of the war in Ukraine is that Ukraine recognized the importance of an armed population.

Ukraine has recognized this importance, so much so that they recently just issued 10,000 automatic rifles to the civilian population. All anyone needs to do is receive one is show their ID.

This is a huge development that has largely been (unsurprisingly) ignored by the corporate media. We know the reason why; the Ukrainians are about to demonstrate to the world why the founding fathers of the United States enshrined the right to keep and bear arms in the constitution, right after the right to speak freely, no less.

On Wednesday, the Ukrainian parliament passed “Law #5708 on the Right to Civilian Firearms”. A spokesperson for the Ukrainian government was very clear about the purpose, saying: “This bill is to ensure that every citizen receives the sacred right to self-defense.”

So why is it that this movement to expand gun rights has been largely ignored by the media?

Well, to acknowledge the importance of an armed citizenry would be to recognize that the anti-gun movement is built on lies. The same people that have told American gun owners that their AR15s would be “useless” against a government armed with nuclear weapons and F-15 Jets would have to explain why ACTUAL “weapons of war” (not semi-automatic sporting rifles like the AR15) are being given out to citizens to fight off a tyrannical invader. According to reports from Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky, as of Feb 26th, 2022, over 25,000 automatic rifles, 10 million bullets, and an unknown number of RPGs have been given to civilians.

In a piece by the NYPost, a Ukrainian lawyer turned fighter is quoted as saying: “We always look at the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. It is not just about self-protection but the protection of freedom and independence. We Ukrainians really show this meaning of the Second Amendment.”

It’s no surprise that Ukrainians understand the importance of the right to bear arms, considering they’ve been at war with Russia since 2014 when Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula.

The real irony of the situation, though, is those same liberals who are staunchly anti-gun are warming to the Ukrainians in their struggle against Russia. In these two tweets, cognitive dissonance is on full display less than 21 days apart.

… and then there’s this. 

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