by Kelen McBreen

‘There’s zero chance in my mind that anything will happen,’ he added.

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During an appearance on the “Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show” Wednesday, Donald Trump Jr. shared his opinion on what will eventually come of the infamous Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

First, Don Jr. said he’d be in jail if he did even one of the incriminating things Hunter was found to be doing, including smoking crack on numerous occasions, soliciting prostitutes and even laundering money for the mayor of Moscow’s wife because the cash was tied to human trafficking and sex trafficking rings.

The former president’s son also noted the Biden campaign largely didn’t have to address the scandal in the 2020 election because mainstream media covered up the story for them.

“The media ran a total cover scam,” Trump Jr. said. “They knew it was real. They knew all of these things. It didn’t matter. They were able to further their narrative. They pretended it didn’t exist. And we know there’s a significant portion of America that now know these things that said had they known they never would have voted for it.”

Donald Jr. asked Clay and Buck if they think America’s foreign policy regarding the Ukraine and Russia conflict is being influenced by blackmail, saying, “there doesn’t seem to be a country in the world that is an adversary to the United States that doesn’t have somewhere a Hunter Biden laptop in their possession?”

Next, Buck Sexton pointed out how the media went after the Trump family’s business deals during his presidency, yet they ignore Hunter Biden’s financial connection with a top Ukrainian energy company.

“When Hunter, with no experience, took a billion from a Chinese investment authority, basically a sovereign wealth fund… They just gave a crack head a billion dollars,” Don Jr. explained. “I can assure you something: The Chinese government doesn’t give a billion dollars to random strangers — especially those with no investment track record — unless they’re trying to buy something, which of course they were.”

Clay Travis went on to tell Trump Jr. he thinks Hunter is going to get indicted and charged with at least one felony and that Buck disagrees.

The pair have a steak dinner bet on the line regarding the matter.

Asked to share his thoughts on whether or not Hunter will get in any legal trouble, Don Jr. said, “I’m with Buck a hundred percent, because I’ve been in the room. I’ve seen the way it works. It’s nonsense, guys. He can get away with murder. They’ll cover it up. It makes no difference. And then you think given all the stuff going on right now you want to look? Now that we know the laptop is real, you’d think there would be people asking questions about what was seemingly underage children on the laptop!”

He continued, wondering how Democrat voters can continue supporting a party with leaders going out of their way to protect pedophiles and adding, “So there’s zero chance in my mind that anything will happen. I’ll get in on this bet. I’ll throw in a week of Mar-a-Lago for you guys if I’m wrong.”

Don Jr. next attacked the establishment’s censorship agenda, saying, “People were reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop but mainstream media, social media, Big Tech made sure no one ever saw it. They have a monopoly on your phones from video to social media to news. It’s a total monopoly.”

In response to the current media climate, the eldest Trump child and some friends recently released a news aggregator app called MxM which will supposedly link to mainstream news without a bias.

NYT bestselling author Peter Schweizer told Fox News he thinks Hunter Biden will be indicted soon during a Tuesday night segment of “Jesse Waters Primetime.”

In a new report, popular “liberal” actor and now YouTuber Russel Brand also discussed the media’s recent admission that the Hunter laptop is real after they called it “Russian disinformation” for over two years.