by Adan Salazar

‘A year ago today I collapsed at home 14 days after my 1st Az jag… I lost my left leg from above the knee and I have numerous other things going on. All from the vaccine.’

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A Scottish man described a horrific Covid-19 vaccine injury on Twitter Monday which sadly caused him to lose a leg.

Noting it was the one-year anniversary of the medical emergency that snowballed into a full-on amputation, Twitter user Alex Mitchell (@ake2306) documented the physical fallout from his first AstraZeneca jab.

“A year ago today I collapsed at home 14 days after my 1st Az jag. I spent over 7 hours in surgery having clots removed from my abdomen and both legs,” Mitchell described, adding, “I lost my left leg from above the knee and I have numerous other things going on. All from the vaccine. I was fit and healthy.”

Mitchell, a UK resident, said the incident was documented by doctors at the University Hospital Hairmyres, who classified the injury as VITT, or “vaccine induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia.”

“All this has been confirmed in writing by the Heomotology team at Hairmyres University hospital and has been medically classified as Vitt (vaccine induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia). The uk government have done nothing to support me and others like me as yet. #VITT Till I die.”

Mitchell gave more details on the tragic incident in an interview with Scotland’s Sunday Post last May:

Alex, from Cambuslang, Glasgow, had his Covid jag on March 20 and, aside from a sore arm and tiredness, seemed fine. But 12 days later, he was struck down with sore calves. The scaffolder said: “The nature of my job is heavy lifting, so we do get aches and pains sometimes. Sore muscles are common. I had a hot bath and an early night. I didn’t think much of it.”

The pain continued over the next few days and on April 4, Alex collapsed at home. “One minute I was doing the ironing and the next my legs buckled,” he said.

With wife Michelle in the kitchen and unable to hear him shouting, Alex dragged himself downstairs and told her to call an ambulance.

“I knew straight away something wasn’t right,” he said. “And when the sweat started pouring off me and I began hyperventilating, I knew I was in trouble.”

Alex was taken to hospital where a CT scan confirmed multiple blood clots in his lower abdomen and in both legs. Rushed into theatre, surgeons removed the clots which thankfully hadn’t moved into his liver and kidneys.

“It was a worrying time,” Alex said. “The doctors were speaking to consultants all around the world about me, because it was unheard of for someone with this level of clotting to survive.”

Despite losing a leg due to the vaccine, Mitchell incredulously told the Sunday Post he wouldn’t want his situation to discourage anyone from taking the jab.

“I wouldn’t want to discourage people from having the Covid jab. From what they know, what happened to me is rare. It’s only going to affect maybe one or two people, so don’t let it put you off,” he reportedly stated.

It’s unclear if Mitchell’s perspective on the vaccine has changed since that interview nearly 11 months ago.