by Adan Salazar

The pedo dam is breaking: corporate media panics over right’s anti-groomer, anti-pedophile rhetoric.

Leftist media forced to defend indefensible position.


Over the past few days there’s been a noticeable trend in the legacy media, which appears to be taking a defensive stance over accusations of pedophilia and sexual grooming of children against the left.

The frantic tone is evident in a smattering of recent headlines from corporate publications, as the leftist media struggles to cope with Florida’s passage of the Parental Rights (AKA “Don’t Say Gay”) bill and the GOP’s rejection of Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson over her record of light sentencing for child porn offenders.

“Why Republicans Are Smearing Everyone As Pedophiles Now,” reads a headline from New York Magazine, painstakingly struggling to portray the GOP as the bad guys.

“The QAnon part out loud: GOP smears political opponents as ‘pro-pedophile,’” reads a headline at MSNBC, evidently assuming their readers dislike anti-pedophile politicians.

(On a side note, when asked in Aug. 2020 whether he agreed with the QAnon goal of exposing pedophiles, former President Donald Trump responded, “Is that supposed to be a bad thing?”)

Similarly, the Washington Post appeared to be offended by characterizations from conservatives of educators who discuss sexuality with children as “groomers,” in addition to smearing accusations of pedophilia as “the new red scare.”

Florida’s “Parents Rights in Education” bill actually prevents children as young as kindergarten age from being taught about transgender and gay sex issues in schools — but leftist media won’t let facts get in the way of their “we’re the victim” narrative.

Vice News chimed in claiming conservatives were “resurrecting an old strategy invoking pedophilia to tar their pro-LGBTQ opponents.”

CNN opinion column also trashed Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) for having the audacity to call members of her own party out over their “yes” vote for Ketanji Jackson.

“Conservative” David French penned an article for his Substack defending the left “Against the ‘Groomer’ Smear,” and a column in The Week similarly questioned, “Why are Republicans so concerned about ‘grooming?’”

The corporate media’s audience also appears to be assuming a defensive posture, as evidenced by this post in the New York Times‘ comment section in which a reader defended the sexualization of children.

The media’s absurd defense of pedophiles has conservatives on social media digging their heels in on the issue and drawing battle lines distinguishing groomers from anti-groomers.

With Ketanji Brown Jackson expected to be confirmed as Supreme Court Justice this week, and Disney still continuing to make headlines over its response to the Florida bill, the groomer issue will likely continue to plague Democrats and the leftist media in the run-up to the 2022 midterms.