by Jamie White

Biden’s affirmative action SCOTUS pick gives a pass to the radical abortion enthusiasts’ intimidation campaign against conservative Justices.

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Supreme Court Justice-designate Ketanji Brown Jackson refused to comment on the left’s illegal protests outside the homes of her incoming Supreme Court Justice colleagues.

When asked by The Washington Post on Monday about her thoughts on the illegal protests taking place outside conservative Justices’ homes in response to the leaked draft ruling overturning Roe v Wade, Jackson dodged, saying, “I don’t have any comment.”

Though Jackson acknowledged the unprecedented leak of the high court’s draft opinion was “such a departure from normal order,” Jackson also refused to provide an answer when asked if the leak was a “good or bad thing.”

“I can’t answer that,” she said.

The former question is not a difficult one to answer, especially for a legal “expert” like Jackson, because the protests outside of Justices’ homes is blatantly illegal, according to Virginia and Maryland law.

According to 18 U.S. Code § 1507:

Whoever, with the intent of interfering with, obstructing, or impeding the administration of justice, or with the intent of influencing any judge, juror, witness, or court officer, in the discharge of his duty, pickets or parades in or near a building housing a court of the United States, or in or near a building or residence occupied or used by such judge, juror, witness, or court officer, or with such intent uses any sound-truck or similar device or resorts to any other demonstration in or near any such building or residence, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.

Liberal comedian Bill Maher even admitted that the intimidation tactics by the left toward the Supreme Court was also just plain “wrong” in addition to being “against the law.”

Likewise, recognizing the SCOTUS draft leak as a “bad thing” is not difficult to see either.

As Justice Clarence Thomas explained last week, the “tremendously bad” draft opinion leak eroded trust at the Supreme Court.

“Look where we are, where that trust or that belief is gone forever,” Thomas said Friday. “And when you lose that trust, especially in the institution that I’m in, it changes the institution fundamentally. You begin to look over your shoulder.”

Jackson, who was chosen by Joe Biden because of her race, is scheduled to replace retiring Justice Stephen Breyer at the start of the court’s next term in early October.