Babylon Bee envisions woke ‘upgrade’ to popular children’s toy.

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With the left’s clown world lunacy in full effect and wokeness at an all-time high, it would be no surprise if toy company Mattel released a pregnant version of their Ken doll from its popular Barbie doll series.

A hilarious new video from the satirists at the Babylon Bee envisions what a promo for the new doll might look like in a leftist-run world where men can have babies and the term “woman” is undefinable.

“New from Mattel,” the fake ad starts. “Barbie’s boyfriend is getting a much needed and way more inclusive makeover.”

“Introducing pregnant Ken! He’s a man. He’s definitely male and not a lady. His belly lets you know he’s pregnant – and his beard lets you know he’s a man.”

“Because men can get pregnant just like women – in fact there’s no definition of women. We literally have no idea what a woman is,” the ad continues.

Hopefully a pregnant Ken doll doesn’t actually come to fruition, as The Babylon Bee is notorious for penning satire that further down the road unfortunately turns out to be true.

However, it wouldn’t be so far removed from reality since Mattel has already designed transgender and gender-neutral dolls.