by Kelen McBreen

Send this to the brainwashed individuals still defending drag shows for kids

No child in America should be subjected to this type of sexual content

Young Boy Watches Drag Queen Striptease At ‘All-Ages’ Hotel Event ...

A young boy was filmed watching a highly sexual Texas drag show last weekend, in a video captured by independent journalist Tayler Hansen.

Hansen posted the event’s flyer to Twitter where “all ages welcome” can be clearly seen.

However, after viewing images and footage of a drag queen’s performance at the event, most people will understand the acts were not appropriate for underage individuals.

As Hansen noted on Twitter, the boy was “exposed to male private parts and gyrating directly in front of him.”

After seeing a man in drag shake his ass, the boy quickly covered his face as a woman who’s likely the child’s mother stroked his hair to comfort him.

This specific “all ages” event, hosted by a hotel and bar in Austin, Texas called Moxy Austin University, takes place once a month, according to Hansen.

The viral video has been seen over 2 million times on Twitter alone.

It’s even more disturbing that a sexually-themed event with children in attendance would take place at a hotel where individuals could easily be trafficked.

The group Gays Against Groomers, a collective of homosexuals opposed to the sexualization of children, especially in the name of the LGBT movement, commented on the video in a Twitter post.

“Anyone that says drag is for kids should have their hard drives swept by authorities. Pics from an ‘all ages’ drag show in Austin, TX yesterday,” the post read.

Perhaps Texas should follow the lead of states like Florida and Tennessee in trying to outlaw underage people from attending drag shows due to their blatantly sexual nature.