This is the where cancel culture leads.

What is a woman?

A group of young women from the “Whatever” podcast were unable to answer that very simple question last week.

One woman who did speak up immediately defended the “trans” community.

“If I come at it and say a woman is someone who was born biologically a woman, I understand that’s where you’re coming from. And I agree everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I personally, I as an individual respect trans people, I respect trans women, so I’m not gonna come on here and invalidate them by saying that,” she said, adding she doesn’t “feel comfortable” answering.

Another woman also said she didn’t feel comfortable answering the question, claiming the podcast host who posed the question seemed “committed to misunderstanding” the issue.

Fortunately, one woman at the end who was seemingly unafraid of the cancel mob easily answered the common-sense question: “A woman is an adult human female. A man is an adult human male. XX chromosomes means you’re a woman.”

This just highlights the corrosive nature of cancel culture as many Americans are now afraid to even speak their minds without fear of retribution from the far-left activist mob.