by Adan Salazar

Democrat donor appears doubtful she’s made massive donation amount when questioned by citizen journalist.

An 80-year-old Austin, Texas, resident appeared skeptical of $161K donations reportedly made in her name to the ActBlue nonprofit org which fundraises for Democrat candidates and causes.

In a viral video posted to Twitter Tuesday, retirement home resident Ann seemed taken aback by the six-digit figure, telling citizen journalist Clinton Rarey the donation amount shown in federal records was “a lot of money.”

FEC records show Ann has made 26,143 donations over the past 6 years for a total of $161,541.70 in donations. That’s about “11.9 donations a day for 2,190 days straight on average,” Rarey reported on Twitter.

In the video, Ann admitted to Rarey she is indeed a Democrat donor and ActBlue sponsor who makes at least five monthly contributions, and entertained the prospect she’s perhaps made over 26,000 donations.

However, when asked if she’s “donated $161 thousand so far,” Ann asked, “Have I done that much?”

“I don’t know, we’re just asking making sure people aren’t taking advantage of you by using your name or your personal information to take your money, so we just wanted to see if you’ve actually made that many donations,” Rarey replied.

Rarey went on to tell Ann the $161K figure over the past 6 years would equal to roughly 11 donations per day.

“Well I give a lot to Democrats,” she admitted, before Rarey asked if the $161K figure sounded right or if it sounded like a lot of money.

“That’s a lot of money,” she agreed.

After questioning Ann, Rarey estimated she’d probably actually only made between 200 and 300 donations over the past 6 years.

Ann told Rarey she’d check the ActBlue website and thanked him for looking into the subject.

Rarey suspects “Either someone is making donations on her behalf, has access to her bank account or @Actblue is using the elderly to launder money to politicians.”

Rarey’s report comes as former Project Veritas’ CEO James O’Keefe’s new project, the O’Keefe Media Group, is investigating ActBlue as a potential money-laundering source for Democrats and has put a call out for citizen journalists to help him expose the illicit scheme.