by National File

December 26th 2020, 6:04 am

At the hands of BLM Detroit saw violent protests, mass destruction of property and one report says police officers suffered ‘cracked vertebrae, lacerations, and concussions’

In an attempt to discourage the continued assault on their city by ideologically based activist groups, the City of Detroit has taken a new tack in filing a lawsuit against the activists of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Officials for the City of Detroit have filed a lawsuit against Black Lives Matter activist groups alleging a “civil conspiracy.” The lawsuit claims that the protests in that city “have repeatedly turned violent, endangering the lives of police and the public.”

The city’s lawsuit charges that the activists took part in the conspiracy, “defamed” the mayor and law enforcement, and insists the city should be awarded damages.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiff cites four protests that occurred in Detroit during 2020 and contends that law enforcement officers sustained injuries that included “cracked vertebrae, lacerations, and concussions,” according to a Detroit Police Department report.

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