by Kit Daniels

December 30th 2020, 3:01 pm

This suggests top brass considers Biden compromised & not the true winner of election

The Pentagon is refusing to give the Biden team national security briefings, suggesting that top brass believe Biden is compromised and/or is not the legitimate winner of the election.

It was previously reported that the Pentagon and the Biden team had agreed to a two-week break from briefings over the holidays, but now Biden’s people say they had never agreed to such a break.

Biden’s “national security adviser” Jake Sullivan complained on NPR that his team hasn’t been granted a meeting since Dec. 18 by Trump’s acting defense secretary Christopher Miller.

“Literally dozens of written requests for information are outstanding as we speak,” he said.

Notably, Dec. 18 was the deadline for Miller to deliver a report on potential election interference by a foreign government to the president.

In politics, actions mean much more than words, so it’s telling that the Pentagon has froze out the Biden team from classified meetings after the report was delivered.

If the Pentagon believes Biden is compromised – and that the election was fraudulently influenced by foreign actors – then the lack of briefings start to make sense.