Chi-com government says footage is ‘fake and doctored’ 

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,



Video out of China has emerged pertaining to show the after effects of COVID anal swabs on children.

Video posted to Twitter shows several kids, obviously in discomfort, walking like penguins after reportedly undergoing the procedure:

Some, including Chi-com authorities, responded to the suggestions by claiming that the video shows the after effects not of anal swabs, but of circumcision.

Forbes noted “Chinese officials reassured members of the public Monday that newly introduced anal swab coronavirus tests will not make them waddle like penguins.”

The report continues “Authorities said a video of people waddling out of a hospital, which reportedly was viewed millions of times before being taken down, does not show people who have been subjected to the anal swab test.”

The Chinese government called the video “doctored and fake,” but didn’t offer an explanation of what it actually shows.

However, several Chinese news sites reported the video as being taken after anal swabs were conducted:

The anal swab test has been adopted in China as the preferred method of testing for coronavirus, after it was claimed by health authorities that it is more effective than the nasal/throat swab:

Will Americans accept waddling around like penguins in masks?