Gates wants a ‘fire squad’ of hazmatted ‘responders’ stationed all over the world

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,



In an odd video posted to Twitter, Bill Gates called for the implementation of a ‘global alert system’, as well as a global ‘pandemic fire squad’ to be ready for the ‘next pandemic.’

“When it comes to preventing pandemics, scientific tools alone aren’t enough.” Gates declares, as he moves around creepy looking toy figures on a map of the globe, like some kind of twisted puppet master.

Gates proclaims “We also need new capabilities, including a global alert system and infectious disease first responders, or what I like to call a pandemic fire squad.”

Perhaps this hazmatted ‘fire squad’ will have total global authority to bend you over and anal swab you whenever and wherever they demand.

Gates certainly seems to be envisioning a new international global authority ahead of his promised ‘next pandemic’.

Gates touts what he calls “mega testing diagnostic platforms” which he says will be capable of testing ‘20% of the entire population every week’.

He also promises plenty of new vaccines ‘due to the mRNA platform‘, which will enable them to be produced more quickly and in more volumes.

The link in the post leads to Gates’ annual letter in which he and his wife equate their effort to vaccinate the planet to the “turning point in the war against Nazi Germany.”

The letter quotes Winston Churchill in saying “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

The letter touts globalism as the way forward, claiming that without it we’re all doomed. It even congratulates Warren Buffet for funding the Gates Foundation with vast wealth fifteen years ago.

Gates also says in the letter that “the world needs to regularly run germ games—simulations that let us practice, analyze, and improve how we respond to disease outbreaks, just as war games let the military prepare for real-life warfare.”

“The pain of this past year will be seared into people’s thinking for a generation,” the letter notes.

Gates has continually stated that the world isn’t getting back to normal any time soon, and has called on social media companies to crackdown on ‘evil’ ‘conspiracy theorists’ who suggest that elites are continually profiteering and elevating their wealth and positions through global health crises.

Comments have been turned off Gates’ video, both on Twitter and YouTube.