February 12th 2021, 3:05 pm

Finally a Trump lawyer tells the truth, exposes the dems calls for revolution

An attorney representing President Donald Trump in Senate impeachment proceedings presented an incredible 10-minute long video compilation highlighting instances in which Democrats used inflammatory rhetoric.

Attorney David Schoen played the video for members of the Senate during defense arguments Friday, illustrating the hypocrisy of Democrats who repeatedly used “fight” rhetoric to incite their own party.

“The house manager spoke about rhetoric, about a constant drum beat of heated language. Well as I’m sure everyone watching expected, we need to show you some of their own words,” Schoen stated, throwing to the video. 

The video proceeds to show Democrats using the term “fight” over and over and over again.

“Every single one of you, and everyone of you,” Schoen says pointing to Democrats. “That’s okay! You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s a word people use. But please, stop the hypocrisy.”