May 19th 2021, 3:23 pm

Biden suffers humiliating ‘please clap’ debacle.Appears to have lifted lines directly from Ronald Reagan.

Joe Biden had to beg for applause in front of a group of Coast Guard Academy graduates Wednesday, with many comparing the humiliating moment to Jeb Bush’s awkward “please clap” gaffe.

During remarks at the event in Connecticut, Biden suddenly realized his low-energy speech was causing many to tune out.

“…[Y]ou’ll enjoy educating your family about how the Coast Guard is the hard nucleus around the Navy forms in times of war,” he stated, before suddenly remarking, “You’re a really dull class. Come on, man. Is the sun getting to you?”

“I would think you would have an opportunity when I say that about the Navy to clap but,” he said, prompting some laughter.

“All kidding aside, being here together is a victory in and of itself,” he added.

Biden likely expected applause because of the enthusiastic reaction the exact same words received when they were uttered by US President Ronald Reagan.

The awkward gaffe was compared to Jeb Bush’s “Please clap” moment during the 2016 presidential campaign, when he begged for applause after making an impassioned argument for his candidacy.

Biden’s condescending remarks are also reminiscent of comments he made in 2016 during a speech to troops at a military base whom he ordered to clap, while at the same time addressing them as “stupid bastards.”

Why would military grads want to clap for someone who despises them?